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Tonnis Olthof

  • Owner and entrepreneur
  • Born in 1970
  • Trained accountant, banker, real estate agent and trainer
  • Masteragent at The Resort Group PLC for Germany, Austria and Denmark
  • Owner of the company Olthof Immobilien

My strengths 

  • Accompaniment of business start-ups
  • Preparation of business plans for financing enquiries or for profitability calculations
  • Purchase and construction support (incl. letting, administration and financing of private and commercial real estate)
  • Procurement
  • Large international network in the areas of finance, accounting, law and real estate

Further focal points can also be found in my curriculum vitae

  • accounts receivable monitoring
  • controlling
  • project controlling
  • quality management according to ISO9001
  • interim management
  • Setting up and maintaining bookkeeping systems
  • Car leasing in all variations

Owner: Tonnis Olthof

Olthof Immobilien

If you are also interested in exclusive properties, please visit us at: www.olthof-immobilien.de


owner: Tonnis Olthof
Schulstraße 24a
D-26629 Strackholt

E-Mail:     olthof@firmendoc.eu
Mobile:      +49 (0) 171 – 369 05 73