Our services at a glance

Our advice with added experience.

Among others we work for companies from the following sectors mechanical engineering, construction, road and civil engineering, freight forwarding and manufacturing.

As management consultants, we are specialized in the following topics:

Risk management

Our way of working is as follows:

  • Inventory of the current financial, personal and internal and external risks in your company
  • Joint assessment of these risks
  • How can risks be avoided, how can I reduce risks and how do I communicate this in my company

At the end of the consultation you will receive a checklist as well as a manual, in which an early detection system is integrated, which you as an entrepreneur can use in the future.

Process optimization

Our way of working is as follows:

  • Together with you, we summarize the current processes within your company.
  • Graphical analysis of whether certain processes are missing, duplicated, and whether these processes are running correctly and are being carried out by your employees
  • Together with you, goals are defined and responsible persons are determined.
  • For this purpose, authority to issue instructions is given if necessary.
  • This is done using a to-do list.

As a summary, you will receive our report with the final result, which will be discussed with you. For you as an entrepreneur, measurable parameters are also set here. These can be discussed with us on a regular basis in the future.


Our way of working is as follows:

  • Inventory of current sales and costs
  • Questioning the current goals (sales / profit)
  • Consider your current target groups
  • Creation of a short-term financial plan
  • analysis
    • where there is sales potential,
    • where costs can possibly be reduced
  • Joint definition of a medium-term and long-term financial plan

After this consultation, you will receive a summary of your key figures based on your financial accounting and our analysis of where there is potential for improvement. This can then be implemented together with us.

We are happy to support and advise you and your company in the medium or long term.


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